Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spamer is sentenced to 30-years imprisonment

The court has sentenced 20-years Christopher Smith, considered to one of the most malicious spamer. Smith has begun the illegal activity several years ago. The Young man dispatched millions electronic messages with advertising pornography and medical products which are released under recipes.

Belonging cyber-criminals the pharmaceutical firm Xpress Pharmacy, engaged illegal sales of medicines, made millions-strong profit. In total Smith realized preparations for the sum of 24 million US dollars. The young man went on expensive cars and lived in magnificent apartments. AOL, the Internet-division of mediagiant Time Warner, initiated the claim against Smith, having accused him in illegal dispatching of advertising.

For the period of trial the court has obliged young man to stop trade in medical products and has frozen bank accounts of spamer. However he, using the counterfeit passport, has left the United States, having tried to renew illegal business in Dominican republic. The court has passed the final decision on Christopher Smith's business, having sentenced the young man to 30 years of imprisonment.

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