Tuesday, August 28, 2007

AllOfMP3.Com is going on its work

Famous mp3 music online store AllOfMP3.com is going to continue its work. It's announced in the formal blog of the store, posted from 31 august 2007.

I would like to remind that AllOfMP3.com has been closed in July, 2007 because of foreign possessors of the rights and USA authorities. This web-site (like majority of Russian music web sites and stores) offered music using licences of societies of collective management of composer rights in spite of real licences of possessors of rights.

The general director of the "MediaServices" company and owner of the AllOfMP3.com web-site Denis Kvasov has been justified by the court because of absence of crime.

In the formal blog it is not said if the store is going to change the principle of its business.

All in all, such business is legal according to the Russian legislation, but closing of AllOfMP3.com was one of the most important obstacles in the way to WTO for Russia because it's symbolizing the dynamic of Russian market. There are loads of actions against Russian music providers and online stores. It seems to me that AllOfMP3.com is going to continue its work in the beginning of september. Let's see the response from the foreign countries.

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