Saturday, August 25, 2007

No Freedom in Russia

There are loads of discussions in the Internet and press about this topic. Being in Russia for a long time I exactly can say that we have freedom only on the paper, only in the theory, in the law. But in the reality all world have seen our "freedom". Do you remember the latest "disagreeing march"? Such actions of Russian citizens are well-known all around the world: different countries such as Germany, USA and others have criticized our authorities and police because there were loads of people beaten by police.

But let's think about the freedom of press, there are so many books forbidden in Russia! Have you aver heard about it? One of bloggers have published a short list of books forbidden in Russia. He's commenting this situation in this way: "If the first three books are seemed to be extremist literature and I can understand why these books are arrested, destroyed and forbidden in our country, but it's impossible to understand being in this list book written by Stanislav Belkovskij "Business of Vladimir Putin". Because if there is a noise about a book this book exactly will be a bestseller!"

Exploring this theme in the Internet I've realised that there are loads and loads of books forbidden in Russia. The main label of site providing forbidden literature online is "You shouldn't allow somebody to decide what you can know and what you can't". I can only consent with this label. Of course, a lot of books should be forbidden for our children, but adult people should decide on their own what they should read.
The biggest collection of forbidden books and films I have seen on this web site. But I do not think that it will be able for a long time to book these books online, on this web site.

The foreign newspapers are writing that we do not have a democracy in Russia and it's really true! How can we have a democracy if all decisions are made by our authorities? It's impossible. The opposition is very appreciated in a lot of civilized countries, also the freedom of press and discussions are the base of the democracy. Now we have only one way to know real news: the Internet. But even there authorities are trying to make a censorship.

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