Thursday, August 23, 2007

Popular hack was carried out from Ukraine

Breaking of the world's largest recruiting site, fixed in the end of the last week, has been carried out from a computer located in territory of Ukraine. To such conclusion have come experts from Symantec company which is responsible for the security of web site

Malefactors have stolen about 1,6 million records from Monster database. Though not each of them contained personal information of users of this site, in hands of hackers there were particularies on hundreds thousand person. Administration of Monster has promised "to arrange", however in what they will consist, is not specified yet. Access to databases of site on which placed more than 70 million resume, has been carried out by means of Trojan program Infostealer. Monstres. Users left the following information on: addresses, phones and e-mail; any data of numbers of credit cards and bank accounts was not on the Monster web site.

Malefactors have begun dispatches of letters ostensibly on behalf of Monster with the offer to establish a certain additional module for work with a site. Under a kind of the module hackers try to compel to establish users on the machines espionage programs.

To my mind, each protection system can be hacked, but security companies have to protect user's data. It is simply work of security companies, in this case such company is Symantec. In our real world I can't trust internet my confidential data like number of credit card or something like this because I know that it can be stolen. But when will we be protected completely? Let's wait for the evolution of internet...

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