Saturday, August 25, 2007

The computer pirate is forced to change his OS to Windows

Very curious case has occured in the USA. The former manager of torrent-tracker EliteTorrents having a nickname sk0t (Scott Makkozlend) has been sentenced to five months of prison and five months of house arrest because skot has put on distribution an episode of " Star wars ". He has already been in the prison, time for the second part of punishment now has come. Guy has put on a radiobracelet on a wrist, and authorities decided to install on his personal computer program for shadowing to check all actions of the former pirate through the Internet.

But they have faced a very big problem. It has appeared, that the program for shadowing works only under Windows operating system, but condemned on the personal computer has established Ubuntu Linux. Without thinking twice, authorities have put Scott the ultimatum: or you format disk and establish Windows, or absolutely refuse using a computer.

Such punishment skot did not expect. Being in the prison he has still gone through, but daily use Windows has appeared above his forces. " I have communicated with the lawyer, - speaks Scott, - and we shall struggle with it. I am done not disturbed with the fact, that I will be watched, the matter is that to me will have completely to reconstruct the life (other OS, other programs)... It is simply ridiculous. Why I should be arranged under their software, in fact should be on the contrary? ".

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