Monday, August 27, 2007

iPhone software is hacked

Two groups of enthusiasts have declared a final victory over protection of iPhone which did not allow owners of this communicator from Apple to use operators of cellular communication, except AT&T. The first who have learnt iPhone to work with SIM-cards of all possible mobile operators is the command, after them UniquePhones crew have won the protection of iPhone communicator.

The decisions developed by both crews are the first program methods of full unblocking iPhone. In spite of the fact that earlier experts already managed to force iPhone to work in mobile networks of other operators, operation of communicator unblocking has been connected with updating the device hardware or reprogramming SIM-card. Obviously, both operations couldn't be done by ordinary users. Internet-edition Engadget has already confirmed, that offered by the first command,, method of iPhone unblocking really works! By means of the program developed by hackers journalists managed to force iPhone to work in mobile network T-Mobile. For activation of phone the program iActivator was used, and work of service YouTube has been adjusted by means of this instruction. Thus communicator regularly called, transferred text messages and worked in the Internet.

Now on a site of a crew it is informed on readiness for publication of way to unblock iPhone for everybody. As to the second crew, UniquePhones temporarily postponed release of program for unblocking iPhone. On preliminary data, UF were going to sell the program at the price of from 25 up to 50 dollars for a copy, however release of it is postponed.

According to the same Engadget, it can be connected with AT&T threats to hackers, the provider who has concluded the exclusive contract with Apple.

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