Friday, August 24, 2007

Gmail is forbidden in Germany

According to the decision of court, Google cannot use name Gmail in Germany as it breaks trade mark G-mail belonging businessman Daniel Girsh. As specify in Google, the judicial verdict will not prevent to give service of Web-mail in the country which will be offered by the company under name Google Mail. Under the same name Gmail operates in the Great Britain where also was a corresponding brand. Google has put service of Web-mail into operation in 2004, and for today owns trade mark Gmail more than in 60 countries. According to representatives of the company, after promulgation by court of its reasons in favour of decision-making against Gmail in Google still can try to appeal against an interdiction in the Supreme court of Germany. As Girsh informed, he has registered trade mark G-mail in 2000, but Google conducts judicial struggle last three years. Under brand G-mail, as he said, he offers "hybrid" service which unites usual post and e-mail.

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