Thursday, September 27, 2007

Private Guides in Belgium

Have found a few private guides working in Belgium.

Private Guide in Belgium Mike

40 years of tourism and hotel business experienced. Private guide in Belgium Mike able to recognize his guests, and to give them exactly what they are expecting and to take the appropriate attitude to their personality (history, arts, sites, nature, local gastronomy, etc).

Private guide in Belgium and private tours: Brussels - The Classical Tour, Brussels Arts Nouveaux,WATERLOO : 4 Hours visit,Bruges,Chent Ieper Ypres - Veurne - Diksmuide.

I will drive you in my personal Mercedes E, full options. ( 4 persons max. )

English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish speaking.


Private Guide in Belgium Joyce

Joyce is a private driver guide in Belgium and a tourist guide in Belgium who has wide and profound experience in guiding. She would like to introduce her best tours to you: "Bruges guided tour", "Brussels guided tour", "Ghent guided tour ", "Ypres guided tour" and other tours, she also offers port of zeebrugge pick up, tours from zeebrugge, tailor-made tours in Belgium and a la carte tours Belgium that you can go for during your sightseeing Belgium.

Joyce is an expert in Art Nouveau/Deco architecture, Flemish medieval painting, and Gothic architecture and.... Legends! You should not loose your chance of having her as a tourist guide in Belgium during your sightseeing Belgium as following one of her tailor-made tours in Belgium will make your trip not only informative but really unforgettable.

Hm.. Very good testimonials!

What do you think about using of their services and using of private guides services in common?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Google: loads of new bugs

In services and products of Google on Monday, September, 24th, 2007, three vulnerabilities allowed the malefactor to execute an any code written in language JavaScript on behalf of a site and to steal requisites of registration record, kept in cookies have been found out, and in one case - to steal photos from online-storehouse. Vulnerability to between-sites scripting (CSS/XSS) have been found out in Google Groups, the search machine and Picasa.

Vulnerability in Google Groups to which at once there was a set of exploits, stealing requisites of access to GMail and sending contents of all mail box, has been eliminated. Exploites worked in four most known browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera and Konqueror. That vulnerability has worked, the victim should pass on specially generated URL, being in mail box GMail.

The second vulnerability of the same type is found out in search machines Google. Exploites, published in Mustlive blog, allowed to steal authentification cookies by means of specially generated URL, the leader on site ICANN and University of York.
The first has been eliminated ICANN, and the second while operates. Search in Google has shown, that approximately 200 thousand sites can be used for attack.

The third vulnerability allows to steal photos with Picasa, having enticed a victim on nocuous a web-page. Though in a basis lays between-sites scripting, for successful attack it is necessary a little making: use Flash, unreliability in URI proceeder and a fake of inquiries at data exchange between appendices. Vulnerability is not eliminated yet, however complexity of its operation will stop hackers for some time.

The previous large batch of bugs in Google has been found out in the end of May - the beginning of June. Then four vulnerabilities to between-sites scripting have existed for a week after detection.

Bug in Google Mail

There was an information about new vulnerability in Google web-mail which allows to organize interception of letters of the user privately. Known researcher Petko Petkov GNU Citizen has found out a bug, by the information from his blog having redirected logined Gmail user on a special site it is possible to create the filter which automatically will forward all messages with attachments on a mail box of the burglar in the mail.

Vulnerability is connected with the wrong data processing, transferred in forms (multipart/form-data POST). Petrkov has not laid out exploit for this vulnerability, however the colleague to whom hw showed breaking Gmail, confirm existence especially marking danger of a such mistake - " exploit works without any interaction with the user and it is absolutely imperceptible, it will be difficult to average user to notice, that its mail steal ". Google is engaged in studying of a mistake.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Condemned spamer struggles for a freedom of speech

One of the most active in the world of spammers Jeremiah Dzhejns sentenced for mass dispatch of advertising letters by nine years of prison, demands to recognize the law on an interdiction of a spam unconstitutional.

According to Dzhejnsa, the interdiction on a spam breaks its constitutional law on a freedom of speech. In due time Dzhejns dispatched on some hundreds thousand letters every day to the electronic addresses taken from stolen databases of companies America On Line and eBay.

In September, 2006 Dzhejnsa have planted in prison, and its sister who, under the version of consequence, helped Dzhejnsu to dispatch letters, has been fined for 7500 dollars.

It is necessary to note, that on rates of dispatches Dzhejns essentially lags behind the the colleague, the arrested person in the USA in May of the last year Alan Soloueja. This spammer offered potential customers dispatch of twenty millions letters for two weeks.

The Australian software producer has brought an action against the Internet forum

The Owner of the Australian site of IT-news Whirlpool has received the summons in court. Software company 2Clix demands from site AU$150000 for the negative statement about its products.

In the claim it is spoken that at a forum of a resource the reputation of the company has been discredited. So, in messages [" Anyone used 2Clix? " (" And what, somebody in general uses 2Clix? "), " 2Clix or Not 2Clix " (" 2Clix or Not 2Clix ")] users state the discontent in occasion of quality of software products, policy of the company, accuse it in a deceit of buyers, informs The Inquirer.

In the USA forums are protected from similar claims by clause 230 " the Certificate about norms of decency in telecommunications " (Communications Decency Act) according to which owners of the resources giving to users an opportunity to leave public messages, do not bear the responsibility for the maintenance of messages. In Australia the similar law is not present.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Europarlament is going to ban explosive in the Internet

Recently prevented acts of terrorism in Germany have provoked a new coil of toughening of the legislation directed on struggle against terrorism. Under the official version, three terrorists wished to arrange explosion at the airport of Frankfurt by means of a self-made explosive. Probably, offered innovations turn around of an explosive and planes. According to " the German wave ", the package of the amendments directed on increase of efficiency of struggle against terrorism, has been promulgated by the Eurocommissioner on justice, freedom and safety Ex Frattini.

First of all is offered to create system of the account of explosives within the limits of the European Union, data about which will be brought in special base and will be accessible to law enforcement bodies. Except this it is planned to create system of the emergency notification about theft or loss of an explosive. Whether in this base all European peroxide of hydrogen or ammoniac saltpeter will be considered, not informed. Besides is offered to count all passengers of the planes making flights from the countries of the European Union, having created for them other special base.

In addition, remembering that criminals used a self-made explosive, the Eurocommissioner has suggested to establish the criminal liability for the publication of its recipes on the Internet. However, it is not absolutely clear, as it will help to struggle with the sites, being outside the European Union (we shall tell, in the same America with its First amendment owing to which there there are rather odious sites to close which nobody gathers). Besides eurodeputies are assured of necessity to block an opportunity of corresponding search inquiries.

In general, the question on the responsibility for the publication of recipes of explosives is interesting. In the Russian legislation there are the general interdictions formulated in laws on mass media and counteraction to extremism. However, any sanctions for usual physical persons for it it is not stipulated.

As a result with such recipes struggle usually or militiamen methods of " the telephone right " or hosters, providing an interdiction on an explosive alongside with porno.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Soft for iPhone unbloking is on sale

The software for unblocking of mobile phone Apple iPhone has gone on sale. As informs DailyTech, now the utility for removal of a binding iPhone to a network of operator AT&T is offered by four on-line shops - Wireless Imports in the United States, iPhoneWorldwideUnlock in Australia, 1digitalphone in Germany and iPhone4arab in Saudi Arabia.

The software has been developed by participants of the project iPhoneSimfree, and process of removal of protection does not demand entering of any changes into the hardware iPhone. Cost of procedure of unblocking is from 50 up to 100 US dollars. Unblocked by iPhoneSimfree method mobile phone of Apple company can be used in any compatible network of cellular communication.

However, thus the services given exclusively by company AT&T, will be inaccessible. Besides the probability is not excluded, that after installation of updated "insertion" phone again will be blocked.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Google has demanded to carry out reforms in the patent legislation

Google company has demanded to carry out reforms in the patent legislation of the USA, to exclude cases of judicial claims from the various companies with the purpose to receive profit, using imperfection of laws. It is said in the official blog of Google by Michel Li (Michelle Lee), the chapter of a department of patents and patent strategy of the company, and Johanna Shelton, main Google lawyer.

As they said, the patent legislation of the USA is the extremely imperfect and because of it many large companies working in sphere of high technologies have to spend huge money for proceedings.
Possibly, the reason of such application is the last judicial claim from company Polaris IP which has accused Internet-companies among which Google, Yahoo! And Amazon, in illegal use of the patent for technology of processing e-mail messages.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

3 000 000 internet crimes in 2006 year

In 2006 year in the Internet it has been accomplished about three millions crimes, the experts of the company 1871 investigated a crime rate in the Network under the order of firm Garlik consider. On the average, cybercriminal makes a crime each 12 seconds, newspaper The Telegraph cites the given researches.

Law enforcement bodies do not know about 90 percent of similar crimes as frequently or cyber criminal's victims do not know that the law has been broken or consider, that the police will not begin investigate.

The majority of crimes, under version of 1871 is remarkable, that, online-squabbles, such as insults and threats and also their less widespread consequences, for example, blackmail concerns not financial frauds and seeming quite ordinary in life of the network community of elements.

Also experts have counted 207000 cases of financial frauds including using stolen data like numbers of credit cards and bank accounts, 144500 cases of breakings of computers and 850 thousand crimes in sexual sphere, such as uploading of a children's pornography or prosecution of minors.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Delphi RAD Studio 2007 is hidden

On Friday, August, 31st, on site CodeGear there were references to full-function version of Delphi RAD Studio 2007. The product was announced under working name Highlander. However, in some hours of the reference have been removed from a site of the company. Nevertheless, they continued to work.

In what the reason of removal of references from page CodeGear and, really-whether is release Highlander-not known. Probably, as it not time happened earlier, a server of the company simply have not sustained loading.


From RussianDay forum

Embassy's e-mails stolen

The Swedish hacker has taken hold of passwords from hundred electronic mail boxes of employees of embassies of the several countries. In this list also the Russian embassy in Sweden.

The hacker has published passwords and e-mail addresses to diplomatic representatives of Russia (embassy in Sweden), Iran, India and of some other states on the web site "DEranged Security".

Uzbek diplomats are the most unlucky: the hacker has published addresses and passwords from e-mails of more than two tens embassies of this country. About how the Swede could take hold of this information, messages did not act yet.

Pensioner is a phone terrorist

Tomsk, Russia.

Pensioner, dissatisfied by the speed of his internet connection has reported by the phone about underming of the building of the local internet provider.

At the saturday the police have received a call about a bomb in the building of TOMTEL company. Immdeiately special forces of police have arrived, but they were not able to find a bomb. The call has turned to be faked. In an hour specialists have found the phone terrorist.

Police reporting: "the phone terrorist is a 60-year pensioner, unsatisfied by service support of his personal PC. Internet connection was slower than he waited for and he had to wait when computer games will be downloaded from the net."

The pensioner will be under the court in the nearest time.

10 the most weird ebay lots

The post from Women's forum Zhensovet

10 the most weird ebay lots

10. The Internet

If people are managed to sell parts of ground on the Moon, why not to sell the Internet? Approximately so the anonymous seller argued, exposing on sale all World Wide Web starting from 1 million US dollars. It could become the transaction of century (if, certainly, someone has bought this lot).

9. The detector of UFO activity

The prototype of this strange device has been created in Brazil. Manufacturers assured that this a little bit improved and altered magnitometr determines activity of UFOs, and its working capacity has been proved when aliens have appeared in the sky above the San-Paolo. The Final price on which lot has been sold - 135 dollars.

8. The meaning of the life

Someone eventually has found notorious meaning of life and on pleasures has exposed it on the auction. As it was found out, on meaning of life you won't earn very much - lot has been sold for 3,26 US dollars.

7. The test model of the Russian spacecraft

This unusual lot has been exposed on sale by one Russian company for the modest sum of 2 million US dollars, however later the price have been removed, having been replaced with a foggy word-combination «the small sum». It is not known, which sum sellers of the copied spacecraft Pine Forest-5 VKK wanted. The maximal rate has achieved 25 200 US dollars, however potential buyers, possibly, has frightened off cost of delivery - 5 000 US dollars.

6. The set of the beginning hunter on vampires

Any hunter on vampires will be satisfied by this stylish set of the beginning hunter: arbalet and arrows with silver tips, aspen picket, a bottle with sacred water and surgical tools. All subjects were in the box, executed of an integral piece of tree, waiting the hour. The Final price: 4 550 US dollars.

5. The dried up head

From jungle of Ecuador directly on the biggest virtual market have been delivered 26 dried up human heads. The highest rate for this lot - 25 US dollars.

4. A ghost in a bottle

The History of this lot is mysterious and surrounded by an aura of romanticism. The seller of lot has found an ancient wooden box during excavation and, having opened it, has found out inside two glass bottles and a diary. One of bottles by accident have been broken and the unlucky amateur of antiquities was shrouded with a black smoke. He has taken away the second bottle and a diary to home and since then, as he said, he was pursued by something, that he named «Black creation». Wishing to get rid of the second bottle (and ghosts at the same time), the man has exposed the second closed bottle on auction. Participants of the tenders so liked this history, that the price of lot has flied up up to 90 million US dollars. However it is not known, whether lot has been got, and whether the buyer was visited by supernatural forces.

3. Rocket Falcon

On auction has been exposed the real rocket, which has not been equipped properly, if be honest. The highest rate - 3 950 US dollars.

2. Nails of serial murder

In 1979 Lawrence Bittejker and Dig Norris have killed 5 person in the Southern California. In 2007 nails of one of serial murderers, Norris's Plenty, have been sold on an auction for only 9,99 US dollars. Nails have been pasted to the christmas card signed by Norris by hand, with a print of his big finger as the signature and confirmation of authenticity of nails.

1. A painting «a Life amazed by illness»

Gloomy enough self-portrait of the man, known under a name "Harold". It is known, that in 2001 to him doctors have diagnosed «a cancer of a brain». Understanding, that he cannot care of the wife any more, suffering from a multiple sclerosis, he has put a double-barrelled gun to her head and has pressed on the cock. Then he has shot. The house in which there was a murder and suicide occured, has been sold and new owners have found out a painting. In the house strange things have started to happen. The dog of new owners howled, hardly having caught sight of a picture, therefore Harold had "to leave" - on auction.