Friday, September 14, 2007

Condemned spamer struggles for a freedom of speech

One of the most active in the world of spammers Jeremiah Dzhejns sentenced for mass dispatch of advertising letters by nine years of prison, demands to recognize the law on an interdiction of a spam unconstitutional.

According to Dzhejnsa, the interdiction on a spam breaks its constitutional law on a freedom of speech. In due time Dzhejns dispatched on some hundreds thousand letters every day to the electronic addresses taken from stolen databases of companies America On Line and eBay.

In September, 2006 Dzhejnsa have planted in prison, and its sister who, under the version of consequence, helped Dzhejnsu to dispatch letters, has been fined for 7500 dollars.

It is necessary to note, that on rates of dispatches Dzhejns essentially lags behind the the colleague, the arrested person in the USA in May of the last year Alan Soloueja. This spammer offered potential customers dispatch of twenty millions letters for two weeks.

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