Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Soft for iPhone unbloking is on sale

The software for unblocking of mobile phone Apple iPhone has gone on sale. As informs DailyTech, now the utility for removal of a binding iPhone to a network of operator AT&T is offered by four on-line shops - Wireless Imports in the United States, iPhoneWorldwideUnlock in Australia, 1digitalphone in Germany and iPhone4arab in Saudi Arabia.

The software has been developed by participants of the project iPhoneSimfree, and process of removal of protection does not demand entering of any changes into the hardware iPhone. Cost of procedure of unblocking is from 50 up to 100 US dollars. Unblocked by iPhoneSimfree method mobile phone of Apple company can be used in any compatible network of cellular communication.

However, thus the services given exclusively by company AT&T, will be inaccessible. Besides the probability is not excluded, that after installation of updated "insertion" phone again will be blocked.