Tuesday, September 4, 2007

10 the most weird ebay lots

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10 the most weird ebay lots

10. The Internet

If people are managed to sell parts of ground on the Moon, why not to sell the Internet? Approximately so the anonymous seller argued, exposing on sale all World Wide Web starting from 1 million US dollars. It could become the transaction of century (if, certainly, someone has bought this lot).

9. The detector of UFO activity

The prototype of this strange device has been created in Brazil. Manufacturers assured that this a little bit improved and altered magnitometr determines activity of UFOs, and its working capacity has been proved when aliens have appeared in the sky above the San-Paolo. The Final price on which lot has been sold - 135 dollars.

8. The meaning of the life

Someone eventually has found notorious meaning of life and on pleasures has exposed it on the auction. As it was found out, on meaning of life you won't earn very much - lot has been sold for 3,26 US dollars.

7. The test model of the Russian spacecraft

This unusual lot has been exposed on sale by one Russian company for the modest sum of 2 million US dollars, however later the price have been removed, having been replaced with a foggy word-combination «the small sum». It is not known, which sum sellers of the copied spacecraft Pine Forest-5 VKK wanted. The maximal rate has achieved 25 200 US dollars, however potential buyers, possibly, has frightened off cost of delivery - 5 000 US dollars.

6. The set of the beginning hunter on vampires

Any hunter on vampires will be satisfied by this stylish set of the beginning hunter: arbalet and arrows with silver tips, aspen picket, a bottle with sacred water and surgical tools. All subjects were in the box, executed of an integral piece of tree, waiting the hour. The Final price: 4 550 US dollars.

5. The dried up head

From jungle of Ecuador directly on the biggest virtual market have been delivered 26 dried up human heads. The highest rate for this lot - 25 US dollars.

4. A ghost in a bottle

The History of this lot is mysterious and surrounded by an aura of romanticism. The seller of lot has found an ancient wooden box during excavation and, having opened it, has found out inside two glass bottles and a diary. One of bottles by accident have been broken and the unlucky amateur of antiquities was shrouded with a black smoke. He has taken away the second bottle and a diary to home and since then, as he said, he was pursued by something, that he named «Black creation». Wishing to get rid of the second bottle (and ghosts at the same time), the man has exposed the second closed bottle on auction. Participants of the tenders so liked this history, that the price of lot has flied up up to 90 million US dollars. However it is not known, whether lot has been got, and whether the buyer was visited by supernatural forces.

3. Rocket Falcon

On auction has been exposed the real rocket, which has not been equipped properly, if be honest. The highest rate - 3 950 US dollars.

2. Nails of serial murder

In 1979 Lawrence Bittejker and Dig Norris have killed 5 person in the Southern California. In 2007 nails of one of serial murderers, Norris's Plenty, have been sold on an auction for only 9,99 US dollars. Nails have been pasted to the christmas card signed by Norris by hand, with a print of his big finger as the signature and confirmation of authenticity of nails.

1. A painting «a Life amazed by illness»

Gloomy enough self-portrait of the man, known under a name "Harold". It is known, that in 2001 to him doctors have diagnosed «a cancer of a brain». Understanding, that he cannot care of the wife any more, suffering from a multiple sclerosis, he has put a double-barrelled gun to her head and has pressed on the cock. Then he has shot. The house in which there was a murder and suicide occured, has been sold and new owners have found out a painting. In the house strange things have started to happen. The dog of new owners howled, hardly having caught sight of a picture, therefore Harold had "to leave" - on auction.


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