Sunday, September 9, 2007

3 000 000 internet crimes in 2006 year

In 2006 year in the Internet it has been accomplished about three millions crimes, the experts of the company 1871 investigated a crime rate in the Network under the order of firm Garlik consider. On the average, cybercriminal makes a crime each 12 seconds, newspaper The Telegraph cites the given researches.

Law enforcement bodies do not know about 90 percent of similar crimes as frequently or cyber criminal's victims do not know that the law has been broken or consider, that the police will not begin investigate.

The majority of crimes, under version of 1871 is remarkable, that, online-squabbles, such as insults and threats and also their less widespread consequences, for example, blackmail concerns not financial frauds and seeming quite ordinary in life of the network community of elements.

Also experts have counted 207000 cases of financial frauds including using stolen data like numbers of credit cards and bank accounts, 144500 cases of breakings of computers and 850 thousand crimes in sexual sphere, such as uploading of a children's pornography or prosecution of minors.

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