Friday, September 14, 2007

The Australian software producer has brought an action against the Internet forum

The Owner of the Australian site of IT-news Whirlpool has received the summons in court. Software company 2Clix demands from site AU$150000 for the negative statement about its products.

In the claim it is spoken that at a forum of a resource the reputation of the company has been discredited. So, in messages [" Anyone used 2Clix? " (" And what, somebody in general uses 2Clix? "), " 2Clix or Not 2Clix " (" 2Clix or Not 2Clix ")] users state the discontent in occasion of quality of software products, policy of the company, accuse it in a deceit of buyers, informs The Inquirer.

In the USA forums are protected from similar claims by clause 230 " the Certificate about norms of decency in telecommunications " (Communications Decency Act) according to which owners of the resources giving to users an opportunity to leave public messages, do not bear the responsibility for the maintenance of messages. In Australia the similar law is not present.

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