Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Europarlament is going to ban explosive in the Internet

Recently prevented acts of terrorism in Germany have provoked a new coil of toughening of the legislation directed on struggle against terrorism. Under the official version, three terrorists wished to arrange explosion at the airport of Frankfurt by means of a self-made explosive. Probably, offered innovations turn around of an explosive and planes. According to " the German wave ", the package of the amendments directed on increase of efficiency of struggle against terrorism, has been promulgated by the Eurocommissioner on justice, freedom and safety Ex Frattini.

First of all is offered to create system of the account of explosives within the limits of the European Union, data about which will be brought in special base and will be accessible to law enforcement bodies. Except this it is planned to create system of the emergency notification about theft or loss of an explosive. Whether in this base all European peroxide of hydrogen or ammoniac saltpeter will be considered, not informed. Besides is offered to count all passengers of the planes making flights from the countries of the European Union, having created for them other special base.

In addition, remembering that criminals used a self-made explosive, the Eurocommissioner has suggested to establish the criminal liability for the publication of its recipes on the Internet. However, it is not absolutely clear, as it will help to struggle with the sites, being outside the European Union (we shall tell, in the same America with its First amendment owing to which there there are rather odious sites to close which nobody gathers). Besides eurodeputies are assured of necessity to block an opportunity of corresponding search inquiries.

In general, the question on the responsibility for the publication of recipes of explosives is interesting. In the Russian legislation there are the general interdictions formulated in laws on mass media and counteraction to extremism. However, any sanctions for usual physical persons for it it is not stipulated.

As a result with such recipes struggle usually or militiamen methods of " the telephone right " or hosters, providing an interdiction on an explosive alongside with porno.

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